English Grammar Course

Are you uneasy about English grammar? Do you have difficulties in determining whether it’s a noun, a verb, an adverb or an adjective? Do you feel you could benefit from a thorough, comprehensive grammar review that includes the terminology required for teaching professionals? Then go ahead and start this 100-hour on-line course. You will be glad you did. Say goodbye to hard grammar questions during interviews for English-teaching positions.

Our English Grammar course will take away your frustrations. It will enable you to understand how English works and, most importantly, how you can explain it to others. It starts with simple explanations which are followed by a long list of practice examples that will put you through the test. Finally, you can verify your answers in the answer key provided.

Another bonus of the course is the collection of sample lesson plans that will help you teach great grammar classes to your EFL/ESL students.

You may obtain a sample page by writing to info@itti.armenia and write Sample Grammar Page in the subject line.


Tuition: US $95

Tuition with tutor to explain when in doubt: US $175

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